Pokemon Violet


Pokémon Violet Nintendo Switch INFO : 

What we have in our hands is potentially the best Pokemon game in history. If the optimization issues had not undermined the enjoyment of the game, we might be talking about very different things. However, I have great hope that the game will improve in the future. If I had just one wish from Jirachi, it would be for Scarlet & Violet to run smoothly. Don’t be in a hurry to purchase, but if performance issues are solved, as a PokeManiac, I would say don’t miss this experience.

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Pokémon Scarlet


Pokémon Scarlet Nintendo Switch INFO : 

With their open world concept of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Game Freak does a great job! Nearly from the start on, the players are free to explore the diverse region of Paldea and in the way, in which order they want to deal with the main story mission branches. There is some room for having an imbalanced gaming experience in that. But thanks to a clever world design with some natural boundaries the game is as good (or worse) as its predecessors on that point. The biggest weak spot consists of the technical flaws mainly based on the limited hardware power of Switch. Still these imperfections can’t ruin an overall great experience Pokémon fans will love.

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GTA 5 任天堂开关的信息。 

忘记你认为你知道的关于重制视频游戏重新发布的一切,因为新一代侠盗猎车手 5 打破了规则书,偷走了它的汽车,然后倒退到破旧的皮革上,只是为了确定。显而易见的问题是‘我应该买吗? GTA 5 开关 又来了?答案是响亮的'是的。就在这一秒。

改进很多,而且从一开始就很明显。更好的面部动画给已经很好的声乐表演增加了重量。更长的绘制距离将你拉到一个开放世界的深处,这个世界的细节水平已经令人厌恶,但现在感觉更加令人兴奋和生动。事实上,它是如此美丽,以至于只是 现有的 在洛杉矶桑托斯和周围乡村的阳光照射下,就像在疯狂的谋杀中撕开它一样令人愉快。我最喜欢的时刻之一是,我关掉收音机,慢慢驶过一片湖边的泥土,听着轮胎下碎石的清脆声响,同时看着午后的阳光从水面划过。幸福。

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马里奥前锋:战斗联盟 Nintendo Switch 信息: 

[也称为“马里奥前锋:战斗联赛足球”] 与蘑菇王国团伙一起在战斗足球中铲球、传球和得分。介绍 Strike,一项类似于足球的 5 对 5 运动,没有规则:不惜一切代价取胜!勇敢并尝试通过攻击敌人、使用物品和进行特殊射击来增加你的分数,从而获得最多的进球。超级马里奥系列的中流砥柱,如 Peach、Toad 和 Yoshi 将他们的螺柱(和统计数据)放在球场上,并且会不惜一切代价得分。使用可以提高他们的统计数据和外观的装备自定义您的角色。进行在线屠杀*或将球传给本地球员**,只需注意电子围栏。

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