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Pikmin 4 Nintendo Switch INFO : 

Pikmin 4 got a brand-new overview trailer today along with a demo that’ll give players over two hours’ worth of playtime.

On June 29, Nintendo released the Pikmin 4 Overview Trailer that’s just under seven minutes long. The trailer, once again, gives us an idea of Pikmin 4’s story, reminds us what kind of Pikmin we’ll get to meet in the upcoming game, introduces us to Rescue Pup Oatchi, and gives us a detailed look at Pikmin 4’s gameplay.

According to those who have already got started with the Pikmin 4 demo, Nintendo has been very generous with how much we get to experience as the demo apparently lasts for over two hours. If you do manage to make a lot of progress in this time, don’t worry about starting over when the game releases in full, as players will be able to transfer their discoveries to Pikmin 4 when it launches on July 21, 2023.


Pikmin 4 Nintendo Switch :

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