How To Get Free Nintendo Switch Eshop Codes

How to Download Free Nintendo Switch Games


hello . is a dedicated website for nintendo switch games code that offer free codes to the users

all game codes are genius and full version  -not a demo- , all switch games codes we offering are regions free , the games codes are working 100/100 , you dont need to hack your switch or to install any other other software , they are same game code you can buy from amazon or bestbuy .

due to high visitors and third party that are using robots to obtain our free nintendo games codes we are protecting the download by a small survey to verify you are a human .

lets get started on how to download your free game code today , its easy , check it out with me  😆


1- choose your game you want to download from the home page , scroll down and click Download

How To Get Free Nintendo Switch Games Codes

2- you will be redirected to this page go little bit down  and click Download free game

free Switch Games Codes

3-  new window will pop up asking you to verify you are human, choose one offer and click on it , new windows will open

On Computer : 

get free eshop codes

On Mobile :

nintendo keys gratis


if you are on mobile scroll down and click on one offer as mentioned above


4- new tab will open after clicking on the offer . do not close the page and fill the offer to the end 

how to get eshop codes free


How To Get Free Nintendo Switch Games Codes

5- after the completion of the offer get the game code 

How To Get Free Nintendo Switch Games Codes

How to redeem the game code :

After you Get your free Nintendo switch game code follow this steps to install your free game 

1- turn on your nintendo switch

2- Select “Nintendo eShop” on the HOME Menu to launch the Nintendo eShop

3- Choose the account you want to use

4- Select “Enter Code” on the left side of the screen.

5- Enter the 16-character download code that you got.

6- Select “Send” to confirm. The Free game will begin downloading once the code is confirmed.

watch this video explaining step by step on how to redeem nintendo switch codes 


* you cannot use the  code multiple time

NOTE  : you have to finish only one offer to get access to all games codes on our website , you DO NOT have  to finish an offer each time you want to get free code from here 😉 

Hope this tutorial helped you , enjoy your free games and enjoy gaming 

1 Offer Completed = Free Access to all free switch codes library .