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In yet another take on the Infinity Stone saga, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is a fun and irreverent comic book story that pulls from an exceptionally wide pool of Marvel material. Its combat systems are fairly simple, but they were still surprisingly engaging as I excitedly experimented with different hero combinations while my roster of A, B, and C-list characters grew. Its vast array of post-game upgrades and other extras has been uninteresting so far, and there are (unsurprisingly) some inherited camera issues in co-op, but this superhero brawler is still a treat to play alone and with friends alike.

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New Weapons Shown Off in Splatoon 2 Gameplay Footage - MMOGames.com

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      game type  : Nintendo Switch code – ONLINE DIGITAL CODE-

Device  : Nintendo Switch

 Game Version : USA

Score of this game  : 18.5/20

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